Dolly madison partner

One of the most intriguing women to emerge from the pages of American history is Dolley Madison, the wife of America's fourth president, James Madison. Long before the term ‘first lady’ was coined, Dolley Madison set the standard for the role of the President’s spouse until it was even further defined by Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s and 1940s. Dolly Parton is a cultural icon whose powerful voice and songwriting skills have established her as a presence on both the country and pop music charts for decades. MADISON—Delores “Dolly” Schmelzer, age 90, passed away on Sunday, June 14, 2020. She was born in Madison on Jan. 21, 1930, to William and Stella (Hanson) Kahlfeld. Dolly graduated from Lodi High School in 1947 – third in her class. She began working as a typist for the Wisconsin Industrial Commission after high school. Zak Bagans and Holly Madison are officially an item ... we've learned the two are dating!!!. Sources close to the new couple tell TMZ ... Holly came into Zak's Haunted Museum in Las Vegas early ... Dolly Parton will always love her husband, but the superstar has a few skeletons in her closet when it comes to their 51-year marriage. Dolley Madison was a social and political force of nature, and a powerful foil for her husband, James. As America's First First Lady she influenced policy and pop culture, and wielded substantial influence. Dolley Madison, American first lady (1809–17), the wife of James Madison, fourth president of the United States. Raised in the plain style of her Quaker family, she was renowned for her charm and ingenuity. Her popularity as manager of the White House made that task a responsibility of every first lady who followed.


2019.04.09 01:31 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE EVENTS 4/9 – 4/17

Spring festival season is upon us, folks. Time to get down with all the worm gruntin’, blues playing, and mule scratching you can stand. I’ll try to put together a list of everything big in the next month or two, but in the meantime I’ll at least put stuff on here.
There’s another list of all the regular stuff that happens every week, so don’t forget to check for all your karaokes, trivias, and so on. There are also links to all of Tally’s theater options, both stage and independent cinema (from fancy to cult).
And great news! Cap City Video Lounge is back! They're all set up in Railroad Square and open for business! They rent movies, show films on their big screen, and host parties and events in their awesome space. Check them out!
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: Word of South Festival. Here is the main website for schedules and times and performers. “Word of South a festival of literature and music which held its inaugural event April 11-12, 2015, is a unique blend of writers and musicians and an exploration of the relationship between the two disciplines. The festival features authors who write about music, musicians who also are authors, authors and musicians appearing together, and everything in between.” 12th-14th
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: 4th Annual All Venue Trivia Brainblast. “People ask, “Hank,” they say, “Which of your venues is truly home to the most kickass and trivial competitors?” Well, I love all (most) of my players, so I just can’t answer that. Instead, I’ll let y’all do it yourselves. Once again, it’s time to play hard and win big at the 4TH ANNUAL ALL VENUE TRIVIA BRAINBLAST! On April 13th, witness the best trivia teams from Midtown Pies, Proof Brewing, and Warhorse go head to head in a no-holds-barred, no-phones-allowed showdown! Join in on the fun with Hoarder's Delight giveaways, karaoke, and plenty of trivia! (Not to mention that amazing Crum Box grub!)” 4/13, 3:30pm, @ Crum Box Gastgarden
FRIDAY, 4/12
SUNDAY, 4/14
MONDAY, 4/15
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2018.10.25 05:12 neorandomizer [SF] New York Time Slip - my short story posted on 2011

Penny was almost in a trance as the music washed over her. Reading about or listening to a recording of this performance could not reproduce or explain the emotional and physiological reaction she and the rest of the audience were having to it. It was fortunate that the stream had carried her here.
The here was the Fillmore East ten pm December thirty-first nineteen-sixty nine. Penny was one of the privileged few that could ride the stream back and forth creating for a short time what the experts called a time-space anomaly but what she and her fellow travelers called a time slip. These lucky few could slip into another time and spend a few hours or days there. The universe did not allow this without a price first if you stay an hour in the past you come back an hour after you left and there also seemed to be a limit of a hundred years with no traveling into the future.
On this night Penny had traveled to one of the storied points in Rock n Roll history the one and only concert by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies.
Hendrix had some undefined ability to cause his audience to achieve a higher mental state only seen in a few Zen masters. This effect was so powerful that a few of his recordings can almost produce the state. The Fillmore East recording of Machine Gun was one of these. You could also feel this power on the Are You Experienced track of his first album.
Penny was sent by her employer Global Media International to see if she could discern how he did it and if it could be reproduced by one of Global’s prepackaged pop bands. She also was discreetly recording the concert in 3D and surround for later release to the small but growing virtual history market.
Penny was already a rising star in GMI and to the public at large. She was being paid in the range of seven figures for this job; she would have come for free the performance was all that it was said to be.
The inexpensive entertainment that the modern media companies produced was starting to lose its hold on the general public and GMI’s market share was slipping.
A way was needed to stem the flow of internet independent bands now appearing and selling there songs at a dollar a download and by actually playing their instruments and singing their songs without digitally enhanced playback at live events in small venues.
Global and the other multimedia giants wanted to be in on this shift by the public unlike when in the late nineties people stopped buying compact disks and started downloading just the one or two songs they wanted it had taken almost a decade to reestablish control of the music scene. It still was a point of contention that Jobs and his company had to be brought in as a middleman for the industry.
As the session ended Penny walked out wondering what it would have been like to live in these freer times. Once back on Second Avenue she started to think of home and 2019. This should bring her back to where she started a few hours ago to her, fifty years into the future for the people around her. Before she had a chance to come home a dart with a neural toxin stuck in her neck.
She started to move as if high or drunk. She stumbled into an alley off of East Sixth Street. Penny Goldman died in a dirty alley in the Village early January First 1970 NYC.
Thomas O’Rourke stood in the alley off East Sixth; it was still dirty with debris that could have been here fifty years ago. He was a Detective Sergeant in the NYPD’s time crimes squad. Early on the first day of 1970 Penny Goldman died, the death was ruled a drug overdose which was common in those times in the Village. The then NYPD could not have detected the neural toxin or the biodegradable dart used to deliver it.
Both the toxin and the dart fired from an air pistol were products of the end of the Cold War. They were developed by both sides so tracing it was near impossible since officially manufacture of such weapons was banned by the UN. If it was not for a tissue sample saved by the coroners office because Goldman had a cancer unknown at that time the murder would have been written off as a slip rider dieing by misadventure.
So now O’Rourke had to solve a fifty year old murder of a time traveler, not what he foresaw when he joined the force?
His family had been New York cops since before the Civil War. With a fair share becoming detectives or police captains or both so it was expected that Thomas Benjamin O’Rourke, Ben to family and friends would go far. He was on a trajectory to rise to the top when he experienced his first time slip.
He was working plain clothes going for a bookie in Harlem. While moving toward the door to the bookie joint something happened and O’Rourke found himself standing on the same spot but in a different time at the door of a speakeasy in the 1920’s. The slip only lasted a few minutes and he returned in time to complete the raid.
Time slips had been making the news at the time so O’Rourke knew what had happened when he went to report the incident to his Lieutenant that was his first mistake.
Their were three classes of people who experienced slips people who had one for unknown reasons and may never have another. People that had multiple slips but had no control O’Rourke was in this category and people like Goldman; this last group was able to control where and when their slips happened as long was there was a large enough event to leave a echo in the flow of time for them to feel and lock onto.
Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies New Year’s eve concert was just such an event. And the file that O’Rourke was reading in the alley on Goldman showed that she was a registered time slip researcher her specialty the New York music scene of the mid sixties to the early eighties. Her employer was GMI one of the super sized media companies to come out of the economic crash of the last decade.
Well O’Rourke thought time to take a ride uptown.
GMI’s research and new talent offices where high up in the Empire State Building made once again chic because of the new found fascination with the past.
It was believed that time slips started to happen in verifiable numbers do to the stresses of the crash, war on terror and the general feeling that the future was not all it was cracked up to be. More and more people wished they could escape to the past. The human mind being what it was made it happen, now there have always been stories of people going into the past or future going all the back to classical times.
American media business being what it is jumped on the chance to exploit this new phenomenon.
The reception area was done in a neo art deco style that made one feel like they where in an old time diner. There was one pretty girl of unknowable age behind the faux counter.
O’Rourke flashed his badge at the receptionist who made a quick call not wanting a cop hanging around. A few minutes later O’Rourke encountered Surge.
“Oh officer I am Ms Roberts man Friday Surge.” Said a light skinned man of medium height holding out his hand has if he expected O’Rourke to kiss it. O’Rourke wanting to cover his surprise repeated the whole badge flashing routine saying.
“Detective Sergeant O’Rourke I believe I have an appointment.” Legally this was a fifty year old cold case and there was not a lot of pressure one can bring to bear so it was appointments and not surprise interviews even though two days ago Penny Goldman was alive and breathing in this very office. With the death happening in 1970 legally it was a cold case. Albany keeps saying they are going to update the laws to reflect time travel as a fact but politicians have always had their own schedules.
O’Rourke was shown through a maze of cubicles to a corner office with a spectacular view of the river and harbor. A big Chinese container ship was just coming in churning up the greenish water. The room looked more like a sitting room than a corporate office.
Ms Roberts was a tall redhead with too fair skin that looked was if it has never seen the sun. She thrust her hand at O’Rourke in a manly gesture. The proper way to greet a woman had become so complicated by 2019 with the norms seeming to change every week that most men just let the women be the primary in the encounter. In the war of the sexes most men had finally and gladly surrendered and let the women be dominating it was just not worth the energy anymore.
“Sergeant I am Mary Roberts please sit down.” O’Rourke was given a power hand shake that showed that even though she looked like an elf she had strength.
“Thank you madam I just have a few questions. You were the person that reported Ms Goldman missing?” With that O’Rourke started the interview with the prime suspect. At no time did he let Roberts know what he thought but with each question O’Rourke made her draw a picture of two people who wanted to be the top dog.
Roberts had come up the corporate ladder the old fashion way with talent, ruthless maneuvering and sex. Penny Goldman on the other hand became a corporate and media star mostly because she could slip through time. She showed that not only did she want to be the talent she also wanted to be in on the corporate side of the business.
“Yes I would do the search for a target performance and Penny would go there with the recorders so the event could be recreated.”
“Recorders?” asked O’Rourke.
“Yes most of Penny’s clothing and jewelry had 3D audio and visual sensors with a 200 terabit flash drive.”
“Do you know where these recorders are now?”
“No I would think the police would have them.”
O’Rourke made himself sit still and finish. If the property room still had her effects she just might have recorded her killer. The NYPD was famous for keeping evidence of cold cases for decades and just as famous for losing said evidence.
Standing O’Rourke said “I will be in touch and thank you.”
O’Rourke started to call his office the moment he was out of Roberts’s.
On O’Rourke’s desk at One Police Plaza in his closet sized office was a box with fifty year old clothing. Property Division after a search found the evidence in a Brooklyn police warehouse. Everything was there that GMI sent Goldman to 1969 with except the flash drive. The only conclusion that could be made is that the killer had removed it.
The clothes looked authentic but on close examination if one knew what to look for you could discern that they were of modern manufacture. For one they were totally synthetic, the animal rights people had finally won. The more telling detail was the clothes had nano circuits throughout that made them a wearable computer unit more powerful than any main frame in 1970.
If the drive was removed the killer either was told of its existence or he or she was familiar with the equipment. The drive was a crystal and silver ring Goldman would have worn on her right hand.
Roberts was still high on O’Rourke’s list. This would not be the first time that corporate climbers had knifed each other it all started in Rome on the Ides of March. But something did not feel right and O’Rourke could not put his finger on it which gave him a headache.
This case was made more complicated by the fact that the people that worked recording the past were treated like the rock stars they were stealing from. Big media had turned on the hype machine when they started sending people into the past.
One other point the equipment was like the poison used a product of the Cold War could the supplier of the recorders have access to the poison and dart system? The equipment supplier and any employees that had access to Goldman’s equipment had to be checked. Too many companies were now selling gear once the province of Special Forces and intelligence agencies. The government has privatized almost everything so as to be able to pay the social service bill.
O’Rourke was working this case solo the Time Crimes Squad was undermanned and funded. Some did not see the need for it and others did not want the police getting too involved with the slip phenomena.
The one thing O’Rourke could be sure of is the killer came from this time. The weapon used and the fact that the Novikov self-consistency principle prevented the timeline from being changed. So a native of 1970 could not be killed by a slip rider or vise versa someone from 2019 could not be killed by a person from 1970 with a 2019 weapon the universe just would not allow the paradox or so say the egg heads.
O’Rourke was wishing for a break in the case even though he knew well that one had to be careful what you wised for.
Another day and another murder scene, this one had a fresh body to add color. Looking down O’Rourke saw a lithe athletic attractive woman with mouse brown hair. It seemed wrong to have a corpse in such a historic building. The Dakota one time home to Leonard Bernstein, Judy Garland, and John Lennon now had another famous death to add it its history.
“Mary Kawasaki age 26 3D star for Time-Warner-MGM-Universal.” Said Detective Michael (Mickey) Washington as O’Rourke stared down at the dead girl. She looked as if she died in agony, a side effect of the neural toxin as it caused all your neurons to fire at once.
“Any recordings found on her?” asked O’Rourke.
“No boss she turned the equipment in this afternoon.” With a fresh corpse O’Rourke was now working a real homicide and Washington was assigned as his partner with O’Rourke as Lead Detective.
“TWMU security called in at 10pm, she managed to hit her panic button.”
“Did they say where she went and when I can see the recording.” Asked O’Rourke even though he knew what the answer would be.
“She was recording a concert by the Doors in Miami, you know the one where Jim Morrison was arrested for indecent exposure.
“And” O’Rourke made a rolling motion with his hand as he said this.
“They said legal will get back to us tomorrow.”
“Shit! Alright I want every photo, film clip drawing from that concert on my desk yesterday. And Mickey try to remember this is a multiple homicide case not a recording convention.”
Two hours later O’Rourke was in his office looking at old photos of Jim Morrison and the Doors in Miami on March 1, 1969. He did not know what he was looking for but he knew there was something.
Washington came in with a thumb drive in his hand. “Boss here is a bunch of crowd shots.”
O’Rourke thanked his partner and loaded the new drive. The concert was standing room only and there where hundreds of people there. Flipping through the new shots O’Rourke was about to call it a day when he thought he saw something. He tapped his finger on the screen and said “Zoom in.” O’Rourke repeated this three times when he saw it. A person late could be Surge was in the crowd.
“Washington!” O’Rourke shouted as he left his office in search of his partner. He was found at the coffee machine.
“The GMI personal files where are they.” Washington looked puzzled then said “I uploaded them to you an hour ago.
Trying not to show his embarrassment he he pulled his com pad from his belt. His in box was full and it took a minute but he found it.
Sergei (Surge) Stepanov born in the former Soviet Union in 1995 father former FSB/KGB; emigrated 2002 expert on 1960’s American music with a degree from NYU in music history.
“Christ!” Was all that O’Rourke said as he read the file he had zeroed in on Mary Roberts when Surge was the one.
“Washington find Stepanov and bring him here to be questioned I will be hitting the photo archive again.
After two hours O’Rourke found what he was looking for Surge in a photo of the New Year’s Fillmore concert. There in the crowd sitting at a table alone was Surge.
Surge can slip and he is unregistered. Registration is voluntary but no company will work with an unregistered person, the company would lose its bonding and insurance.
Washington came in at this point. “Boss no sign of Surge and we just got a request for a secure slip.” Sometimes if the slip is by a big name or to a very special event the media companies would ask for the area to be roped off.
“What’s the slip?”
“The Rolling Stones November ‘69 concert at Madison Square Garden.”
“Crap the other two were ‘69 to. OK put an all points on Surge as a person of interest in a homicide. Warn the units at the Garden I am going there now follow when you are done.”
O’Rourke opened his lower desk draw and withdrew a standard issue needle gun.
Madison Square Garden the center of the entertainment universe perform here and you know you have made it to the top. America’s Roman Coliseum where people sing, play and fight for the gratification of the masses.
It was dark and wet when O’Rourke made it to the venue. A patrol unit working the perimeter gave him the heads up on where the media people went. O’Rourke had them look at a photo of Surge and they confirmed he went in a few minutes after the main group. Once again screwed by the NYPD’s all points system thought the detective.
O’Rourke entered the building through the same side entrance that Surge used. The building was eerie with its lights on but no people about. This was a normal dark night as the entertainment people called it, a day used for maintenance and to give the building a thorough cleaning.
The door had lead into the back stage area and O’Rourke was giving the place a slow once over trying to see if anything as amiss.
As he slowly walked toward the stage that was setup for a concert tomorrow by a retro band he saw the world waver. As his foot came down he was suddenly in a chaotic space with people moving about on unknown errands, O’Rourke had literally stepped into 1969 and as proof he almost walked right into Mick Jagger. Like the first time he had slipped into the past he had no notion how he had done it.
A security man came running over and O’Rourke flashed him his badge. Thankfully the NYPD has used the same badges for almost a hundred years.
Now that it seemed that the universe had place him into the correct time and place all he had to do was find Surge. This was going to be almost impossible with the number of roadies running around. One had to assume that Surge had taken steps to blend in like the media star O’Rourke just stopped. She had a press pass and was talking to a man in a suit. So she was going for the back stage look an always popular recording style for big name acts that did the same sets in every city of a tour.
If she was here then Surge must not be far behind. Walking around and checking doors made it look like O’Rourke was checking the security for the Stones.
There pushing a dolly loaded with equipment was Surge come right toward his target. O’Rourke cut an angle to intercept that a football Free Safety would have admired. Surge for his part saw O’Rourke and stop and then started to run the way he had come.
Down a tunnel to the loading dock area Surge pushed his way through the people readying the Garden for this historic concert until he made it to clear area and poured it on. O’Rourke was feeling those extra donuts he had eaten over the years when he tackled Surge.
Surge younger and in better shape was able to pull away from the detective and come up holding a small gun like shape in his hands.
On his knees O’Rourke drew his needle gun creating a stand off. The two men where in an empty area so had no one to interfere with there encounter.
“Drop it Surge we know everything.”
“No those bitches needed to be stopped they are fouling the memory of these great events. This is the time of Giants; they walked the earth and took us to the Moon. This is the height of American and Western power before the posers and moochers destroyed this country like they destroyed Russia after the communists fell.”
O’Rourke took a chance and shifted his hand and fired from his hip. The needle gun released its cloud of nano hypodermics filled with a sedative that is safe for 98 percent of the population.
Surge took the full burst and dropped to the ground back into 2019. O’Rourke blinked and saw that Surge was foaming at the mouth.
Surge was dead. He was of the small percentage of the population that had an adverse reaction to the needle gun’s sedative; it was a deadly potion to him. An irony that O’Rourke did not appreciate two innocent women were dead and with Surge gone no real answers were forthcoming.
When they searched Surge’s apartment they found that it was a shrine to 1969 America. He had posters and authentic vinyl records of the Rolling Stones, Doors, Hendrix and others that must have been worth a small fortune.
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2013.04.26 02:34 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I’m a British man who’s taken road trips covering all but 8 of the Contiguous US with many stops in between to have fun and learn about the USA - AMA

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Date: 2013-04-25
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What is your impression of Texas and Texans and any experiences you had there? Having traveled the U.S. what three things would you like to see the UK adopt? What there things should Americans adopt that British people do? 1) I only met a couple of Texans and they weren't wearing cowboy hats so I'm not sure they were proper. We were there in summer so Dallas felt like a bizarre, glassy, ghost town. Texas is on my list of states to spend more time in - Austin in particular has a bunch of stuff I want to see (though I'm aware Austin's a bit of an oddity by Texas standards)
Are the sterotypes true? Are Americans fat, religious, ignorant, and stupid? 3) I do feel a bit skinnier when in the US, especially when buying clothes, that said the US seems to have hubs of very fat people (like Disney World) while other places people seem entirely healthy. People are more religious, and more up-front about it (I never thought there'd be a market for religious t-shirts until I visited the US) but I think that's true across a lot of things - people in the US will wear political T-Shirts too, It can feel like religion and politics are more like supporting a football team in the States than adopting a certain philosophical/political position. Stupid - no, I mean you'll find stupid people, but you could've found them anywhere.
What is the average british person's view of America? 4) I'm not sure about the average view - I'd guess: friendly, not too good with nuance, loud and boisterous? (not my views - going for a stereotype here).
Next time you are in Texas, see if you can attend a high school or college football game. You really get a taste of culture there. I own the Friday Night Lights DVD box set (had to import it from the States) and that's convinced me this is a thing I need to do.
Also I need an excuse to use the phrase "it's a real Texas toad-strangler out there tonight" if it rains.
The US should adopt: Roundabouts. But they're safer and quicker! I can show you academic studies! Please come back!
Nonono, please, no more. We have like, ten of them, and no one knows how to use them properly so they just slow things down and cause accidents. I've been on a couple of roundabouts in the States and you're right, some education work would need to be done.
Isn't brown sauce pretty similar to A1 steak sauce? People have tried to tell me that. I've tried it and I'm not convinced.
Favorite state and least favorite state and why? Favourite state: South Dakota. Least favourite state: Wyoming.
South Dakota is beautiful and we happened to drive through it at the same time as the Harley Davidson 'Ride Home' celebrations so all the motels were booked up and full of bikers (all of whom were very friendly by the way). I ended up talking to a lovely lady with massive Dolly-Parton hair who owned a small independent (and fully booked up) motel who let us stay in her RV for $20, it was parked, unlocked, round back with a full tank of gas and was amazing. The next morning I got to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor from the driver's seat of an RV with a front-mounted television in one of the most surreal moments ever. She said we could check out whenever we wanted and just told us to leave the keys in it.
Also WallDrug, I really, really love Walldrug - plus literally every person I met was incredible with many unironically wearing cowboy hats (I'm a sucker for the idealised mythology of the 'Old West'). One of my biggest regrets is not buying a pair of cowboy boots from what (they told me) is ths largest cowboy boot store in the World but I was out of cash so had to make do with a T-Shirt.
Everyone in Wyoming is rude and they have no reason to be - the first time I drove through Wyoming someone at a gas station was oddly rude to us and then later at a diner (I believe a Perkins) we got a waitress who had clearly had a bad day and was just super-grumpy and unpleasant throughout (I reduced her tip to a mere 10% - which as I understand it is a pretty bold statement in the USA). This created an in-joke that everyone in Wyoming was rude based on those two interactions (and how nice people in the USA generally are to visitors).
Then years later we returned to stay in Yellowstone for a few days (which is mostly in Wyoming), everyone in Yellowstone was lovely but whenever I got talking to them they were never actually from Wyoming. Once we left (via Grand Teton) and reached non-park Wyoming we immediately had a run in with a mega-angry truck driver who drove on our ass, followed us for ages, tried to cut us up and generally acted like a maniac. At one point he pulled ahead of us, pulled into a dirt layby and then chased along the side of the road literally shaking his fist at us and screaming! I honestly kept expecting to see him at every stop we made like that Twilight Zone episode.
It was at this point I decided that Wyoming is actually populated exclusively by mad and unpleasant people who live in beautiful scenery and have no reason to behave that way. I literally haven't met a nice Wyoming native outside of a National Park yet. Afton's giant antler-arch couldn't make up for it.
I reduced her tip to a mere 10% Are you sure you are not Canadian? Do they tip less in Canada? Oh my God have I been getting tipping wrong!? You have no idea how much tipping anxiety I go through in North America. It took me ages to realise that I was supposed to be giving bar people a dollar whenever they got me a drink - I felt like a dick when I realised.
Wall Drug is awesome. I drove from NY to CA and my favorite state was SD as well. Upvotes for you my wise friend!
You were probably driving on the wrong side of the road. No but everybody else was. Very odd.
The water offer was important at the time because of the need for travelers to fill their radiators up while going West. I was there in the middle of October with a horrific sunburn (just got back from Cancun) and was shocked that there is no pharmacy in Walldrug. I'm sure there is (I remember hunting for it) it is pretty tiny compared to the giant dinosaurs you can sit on, the church and the cowboy boy boot store though.
What'd you think of Michigan? I was in Detroit but not for long to form a fair opinion (it was snowy and the people looked unhappy).
Did you come to Detroit? Aside from people continually trying to buy drugs from me and sell them to me at truck stops (apparently I REALLY look like someone who has or wants drugs) I can't say I had any real exposure to drug culture in the States.
What do you think of the culture surrounding softer drugs like cannabis when comparing the US to the UK (I'm assuming you are from the UK)? One impression I did get is that because the drinking age is so high and so strictly enforced a lot of high schoolers just get cannabis instead (also you guys have that cough-syrup phenomenon which I mainly learned about via South Park and Lil' Wayne).
As far as the promethezine/codeine syrup phenomenon... it's not really a phenomenon, it's just something that spawned from hip-hop culture in the south. I've never even heard of anyone trying it up here. I think most prefer pills over mixing cough syrup with soda (we call it "pop" here, HEH). Now I didn't have any so couldn't help him but starting with "I'm not a cop even though I look like one" didn't seem all that reassuring to me.
That's interesting that people tried selling you drugs at truck stops, though. truck stops are fairly notorious for illegal activity like prostitution or harder drugs. nothing to do with your appearance, you were just hanging around a spot where that sort of stuff is prevalent. :P. Ah fair enough - one guy opened with "hey I know I look like a cop but I'm not one, you got any weed you can sell me"
Where would you like to go back and spend more time? Find anywhere you might consider settling down eventually? I am sure the British accent helped...we love us a good British accent. Makes you seem classy and smart. :-) 1) I've been to New York City three times (it took that many trips for me to feel like I knew and understood how to get around Manhattan) and have been to the North Country area as well (where it's really beautiful). 3) I genuinely love the travelling so I'd go back to most places, most of the big cities have more things I want to see and do, to use New York as an example the more I visit the more stuff I want to do. The first time it was the classic tourist stuff, by the third time I was going to Knicks games, drinking in Hell's Kitchen, going to Daily Show tapings etc. big cities like that will always have something fun to check out. As for settling down I genuinely love the country and the people but I'm not sure I could live in the USA long-term (maybe a year or two tops) there's too many practical factors that would prevent it working for me.
Can you get a good cup of tea over there? In the cities yes, out in the sticks or the South you may be handed Iced Tea and have to pretend that's a real thing.
I found a really nice tea place in Pittsburgh actually, they had as much of a selection as a lot of fancy places in London.
A similar rule applies to cheese - I was trying to make Canneloni in rural Pennsylvania and asked at their Walmart for taleggio and mascarpone - I was pointed to the Laughing Cow. I should note that the Walmart cheese section is larger than most British shops and yet they've somehow filled it solely with varieties of cheddar. In a major city I'm sure you get any cheese your heart desired.
Where's the Tea place in Pittsburgh? I will do some Googling - it was pretty central, very close to the skyscraper that looks like a castle (I know this is really unhelpful).
*edit: I just realized you might also be referring to the PPG Place downtown, which also has spires. In which case I have no idea what the tea place might be, but I'm intrigued. I like Pittsburgh, the Children's Museum is great as is the Andy Warhol museum. I also like the bridges and the food (Wingheart's is nice and sold me a thoroughly deadly pizza which I somehow finished despite the bacon, french fries, chili and extra cheese they put on it). I liked that a lot of it felt walkable too. Downsides: It is a baffling ordeal to navigate your way in or out of the city by road and there is a Fondue place on Station Square that all my American friends think is nice and authentic but is actually neither.
How did you like New Orleans? I LOVED New Orleans, it was a strange mix, when I first got there I went for a wander through a part of town near where we were staying that clearly had poverty and crime issues. In that part - and I don't mean this in a pejorative sense - it reminded me of visiting African cities like Lagos in that I felt much more of an outsider and everyone was staring at us (we were the only white people and I think we were pretty obviously tourists in area tourists don't usually go).
Later I got chatting to a lovely guy with gold teeth and tattoos who got super-mad at us for going there at all, his review of the area was: "That place's full of robbin' and shootin' and killin' - they ain't got no love"
Then when you go down to the French Quarter it feels more like Europe than anywhere else I've been in the States thanks to the architecture and atmosphere, also you can drink in the streets which makes it feel more like home as well (one of the few places that didn't seem to care about ID either which meant I could buy rounds like a civilised person despite being underage at the time).
In conclusion I simultaneously felt the most at home and the most foreign while in New Orleans but the people were consistent freindly and oh man the food was good - everything was made spicy! I swear my pancakes for breakfast had Tabasco on them.
Trivia: The only places in the World I've found where McDonald's sell the McSpicy chicken Sandwich regularly are Louisiana, Singapore and China.
Did you stay at India House? Sadly not, we were in an old Days Inn that I found a discount code for in one of those magazines they give out free at gas stations.
(as I say I've developed a few methods to keep these trips within budget)
Clearly you've never been to Tennessee because I've never seen a non spicy Mcchicken in my hometown or state. I just didn't visit a McDonald's - I apologise for this libel!
Why didn't you like Miami? It seems to be a perfect storm of attracting people I share little in common with, it's a huge financial hub so brings in people for whom success in life=money, it's covered in beaches so combines those people with a need to be physically beautiful and go to night clubs on the beach and be beautiful. It's a personal thing but I often find people who've clearly strived to look "perfect" quite ugly in a strange way because they've taken it too far and become like a weird parody of an attractive person.
This ends up with the whole city feeling quite artificial and unfriendly and not a place where I could fit in. That said the architecture is beautiful and having spent some time in Havana it was fascinating to see the Cuban story from the US-side. I'm sure there are lovely people and places there, I just didn't find them. Instead I found massive yachts and private island houses.
Also the drivers there are THE WORST, I mean people in Seattle can't drive but are quite friendly about it, people in New York are super-aggressive and use the horn all the time for no reason but at least know what they're doing and LA drivers exist in a hellish mass of insane freeways and drive at crazy speeds but are actually both competent and helpful. Miami drivers however seemed to be actively trolling me - people would slow down to let us in and then quickly close the gap again - at one point a guy's passenger girlfriend was visibly laughing at the fact that her partner had done this and it happened pretty regularly any time we needed to change lanes (we're tourists so that happens a lot). We had Florida plates so it can't have been an out-of-towner thing, they were just acting like dicks. I later spoke to a lady in Everglades City who'd moved out of Miami about this and she said "oh yeah they're dicks on the road over there" so I felt vindicated in forming this opinion.
If you ever make it back to florida, check out the keys. They are gorgeous, without as much of the dickish miami feel. I've done the keys! Stayed in Key West for a few days, saw the Southernmost point, went to the Hemmingway House - had a thoroughly average cheeseburger at that Jimmy Buffet place before going elsewhere to drink!
We went out to the Dry Tortugas as well - really beautiful out there.
Woah, nalgene bottles are a US thing? The world is missing out. Yeah, no quicker way to spot a US toruist than a Nalgene bottle and the Canadian flag patch they put on their bag so they can pretend to be Canadian if things get sketchy.
Which BBQ was your favorite? Memphis? Kansas City? Texas? Carolinas? I know enough to know that I'm wading into a World of hurt by trying to answer this one.
Also I didn't try all of them so couldn't compare. Next time I do a trip in that area I'll be organising some kind of leader board, I'll require Reddit to provide me with each state's champion BBQ venue.
Now that you've visited so much of our land, are you able to explain to other Brits the size, scope and variety that it encompasses? Most don't seem to understand what it's like. I'm not sure the citizens of the USA appreciate exactly how wonderful your national parks system is. It's incredible and you've got some great nature going on there!
Also, what don't we appreciate enough? Sometimes the best things we should appreciate aren't appreciated. And yes British people (and Europeans) have no sense of the scale of the USA, that's why they get very snobby about Americans who've never left the country - you have to realise that there's a lifetime's worth of stuff to see just in the USA, deserts, glaciers, islands, swamps, plains, mountains, cities, villages etc. Brilliant place to go exploring.
Hey fellow Brit! I moved from London to NYC in 1996 and like you, have been fortunate to have road tripped across America several times. THere are some places in the States that are beautiful - I wasn't expecting Utah and Montana to be so stunning. I covered this in an earlier reply but my all-time favourite place is South Dakota (if you're in New York you can do a trip up to Chicago and then take one road all the way to Seattle via South Dakota! - it's a brilliant journey!). Awkward encounters: I was accosted by some very angry ladies at an Ani DiFranco gig I went to when I said I couldn't register to vote because I'm foreign, they insisted I was faking my stupid accent to get out of registering because I wanted to vote Republican. They then got more upset when I said I wasn't American because apparently the term "American" implies all of the Americas and is a product of a US-centric World view (I took their point on that but at the time it just made me look even more like the lying Republican shill they'd decided I was). was also pretty awkward when the mad Wyoming truck driver started harassing us on the road but that story's already been told.
Did you visit any university campuses? If you have, how did they compare to the ones in the UK? Two, I stayed at one in Pennsylvania for a week or so and when I was in Boston was hanging out with some Harvard students so I visited there briefly as well.
US college feel very different to UK Universities but now I'm writing in this little text box I'm struggling to put my finger on why. I think US colleges felt more insulating (note: I'm basing this on just two universities so could be very wrong - I know there's huge variance between UK campuses) with food halls and meal plans and suchlike. Also because any British person who's at university can drink so any UK campus will have several bars on campus (good way to bring money back into the university), not having those and instead having frat houses is very odd.
Also as a foreigner I find the entire frat/sorority thing very strange and entertaining.
Did you do anything in the States that could not be done back home? I shot some handguns (illegal in the UK) and took a bunch of guns, including a civil war replica musket thing to go shoot milk jugs on sticks out in the Appalachian woods somewhere (again I'm pretty sure that'd be illegal in the UK) - you'll be delighted to know that I dressed up in a baseball cap and chequered shirt to do this so I could feel properly American. I also ate a lot of food additives and suchlike that are illegal in Europe (though less by choice).
Obviously things like the National Parks are all unique, I can't see the Grand Canyon or Crater Lake back home, nor could I go to Caeser's Palace or up the Empire State Building.
I was going to add visiting Shake Shack to this list but they just opened one near where I work.
EDIT Oh and I went to Sea World and saw some performing dolphins (also illegal in the UK).
*EDIT Oh and I went to Sea World and saw some performing dolphins (also illegal in the UK).* Then how can the dolphins support their families!?! Government assistance? We have a lot of welfare dolphins, it's a big problem.
TIL a lot of things we do here in the states are illegal in the UK. To be fair I can have haggis and a Kinder Egg while drinking in the street and crossing the road at a non-designated crossing point over here.
You don't have all the freedoms USA!
Are people friendlier in the north or south? This'll sound like a cop-out but I found people were friendly most everywhere. I think I got a slightly warmer reception in the South - a guy who worked at Taco Bell came out from behind the counter to shake my hand and formally welcome me to the state! - but that may be because they probably see fewer international tourists (aside from Florida I guess). In a major city an English person isn't any kind of novelty but when you hit small towns people get a bit more excited and keen to be a good host, make sure you're OK etc.
I think there may be more of an urban/rural split in friendliness than a North/South one - though the people of Nashville were particularly nice.
Are you actually Stephen Fry? No, but I did get to talk to him once if that helps?
Go on... I worked as research monkey on QI for a show so I got to meet him then.
(in terms of proof I have an old script somewhere and the key codes to all the studio doors on a laminated card - not sure I should post the second one).
What did you miss most about Britian?? Did the ladies like the British accent?? (actually I didn't really miss the second one because driving in the US is fun, but I think I would miss it if I stayed for a long time). A waitress in Nashville spent about half an hour writing down things on her pad and having me say them to her, she seemed entertained by it, especially how her own name sounded. Also a girl groped me in a crowd in New Orleans though I don't think she knew I was British so that may not count.
How did you like massachusetts and where in massachusetts did you go? The majority of my time in Mass. has been in Boston where I've been a few times. Boston's a great city, excellent museums and the only place in the USA I've found a decent curry.
I also enjoy doing my best Good Will Hunting accent much to everyone else's annoyance.
My question is what would you say was the sketchiest/dodgiest place you have been to in America? It's worth mentioning that I have a proud history of wandering through sketchy places without realising until afterward, also having been out at night in weird back-alleys of Moscow, Havana and Lagos I just assume I'm completely safe wherever I am in the US. That said there have been a few, I wandered through what was apparently a very bad neighbourhood (certainly poverty-stricken) in New Orleans where everyone stared at us in quite an unnerving way.
Please be perfectly honest. Would you move to America and/or become a citizen? If so, where and your reasons why? If not, your reasons why? I would move to the US for a year or two but I doubt I could settle down there, there are a few reasons for this. Before writing them I'll put in a caveat that I hope nobody takes offense, some of these could be seen to be straying into political issues but they're really just about different ways of doing things, also my opinions are of course completely subjective.
1) The lack of things like good annual leave and benefits like paid maternity/paternity leave - I love travelling and most of my American friends seem to get nothing like the annual leave I do.
2) Private health care etc. I don't like the idea of depending on my job covering any health issues that might arise - the USA is the single most expensive place to stay for travel insurance costs and I always get the coverage so I know I'd be fine while visiting but I think I'd find the lack of an NHS equivalent stressful.
3) The political discourse is just so angry and crazy, I really enjoy politics and follow both UK and US (and World) politics very closely. US politics is by far the most fun to watch as an outsider because it's pretty mad, but actually living with it might break me. Also religion gets so tied up into politics in the US when I'm of the view that it should be an apolitical matter that doesn't come up when talking about how best to run a country. There shouldn't be a political party for your religious beliefs.
4) Related to 3) but American news reporting is pretty bleak too - I've watched a lot of it and am generally aghast as to how it can get onto air and be called news.
This feels really critical but I hope I've heaped enough praise on the country to make it clear that I really like the USA and the vast majority of its people.
Did you make it to Philadelphia? I love living here. Yeah I really like Philly (better than Pittsburgh) - had a Philly Cheese Steak, went to a very cool retro soda-fountain place, ran up the Rocky Steps, saw the Liberty Bell the lot.
Also did a really good tour of Independence Hall where I was the only British person in the tour group so I got to be the villain - the lady giving the tour would address me as "The British" and talk about all the terrible things I did. Good times.
Were you by yourself? What percentage of conversations that you had began by people noticing your accent? I was almost always travelling with at least one other person, I think in total I've spent maybe 2 days of travelling on my own (which was due to poor planning on my part).
The accent thing really depends on where you are, the more rural or non-touristy a place the more likely someone will strike up a conversation about it. I also got a pretty regular "So what part of Australia are you from?" which amused me. At a guess, when dealing with strangers it was maybe 40%, though I think a lot of them would've started a conversation anyway but "hey where are y'all from?" is a nice opener.
"So what part of Australia are you from?" A Londoner was working at a burger place I went to. I only caught quick statements under her breath, and was certain I heard a Melbourne accent... When she replied to my question about it, I heard her accent properly, and felt like a total jackass. One time when it happened to me the person asking had been talking to her friends beforehand and then very proudly walked over to ask me. When I said I was from the UK one of her friends burst out laughing so I think I was settling a bet.
What did you think of my state of New Jersey? My initial experiences of New Jersery were the New Jersey turnpike so for a while I felt like your State was primarily tarmac used as a way to get into and out of New York while picking up some cheap gas before you crossed the border.
I've since spent some more time around the Delaware River areas and some parks (not been to the shore I'm afraid) and realised that it's actually a nice place in parts with its own character - I think it just gets unfairly overshadowed by its famous neighbour.
You mentioned cheese. When in Wisconsin did you try our delicious varieties? We make Onion, Hot Pepper(not pepper jack) bacon cheese, etc. I didn't try much Wisconsin Cheese but I very much appreciated being welcomed to the State by a giant inflatable mouse in a cowboy hat clutching a giant piece of it.
Also if you come this way again...Dane County Farmers Market, Madison WI. Go in June or July around 8-9 am. Truly magnificent sight to see. It immediately caused me to warm to Wisconsin.
I know exactly where that mouse is! That's in Tomah off of I-94. Never thought I hear anyone mention that thing on Reddit. Well I have a photo of him somewhere!
Did you ever make it into Reno NV or San Francisco CA? how did you like it? I got to drive around Reno and see it from the highway - I was also pulled over by a Reno cop for speeding and having a broken tail-light. As the only Reno resident I spoke to he seemed nice enough.
I've stayed in San Francisco and really liked it, in some ways it's a bit like my hometown in the UK (by the sea, big gay community, big hippy community, generally politically left-leaning). In fact San Francisco's the reason I didn't get to LA for so long - the original plan was to do a few days in both but we liked San Franciso so much we stayed and skipped LA (spent a week or so in LA a few years later though).
I'm glad to hear San Francisco is just like Brighton. Upvotes for city recognition!
Did you hit up Ohio, or West Virginia? Or that area where West Virginia extrudes in between Ohio and PA? South west of Pittsburgh? If so, what did you think of the "Rust Belt"? **edit if you haven't you got a place to stay if you want! I went to some towns East of Pittsburgh that had seen better days (names like Uniontown tend to tip you off) and spent some time in Ohio. Speaking of which Columbus is a very cool little city.
Did you go to any major sporting events while in the U.S.? If so, what were some of the similarities/differences? Went to a Knicks/Heat game at Madison Square Garden.
Main difference was that it felt like more of a show - any time there was a break in play a bunch of people would come out and do gymnastics or they'd break out the T-Shirt cannons (is there anything more American than a T-Shirt Cannon?) - at half time there was even a magic show!
I'm used to UK football matches where there's no breaks and people take it too seriously and yell at the rival fans. Honestly I think I could take my mum to a US basketball match and she'd have a fun time, it's like a little festival!
Another difference is that they pump in chants, so the screens tell you when to chant for defence and whatnot - in the UK there are hundreds of elaborate songs and call and response numbers but they're never queued up by the venue.
More recently I went to a baseball game in Tokyo - now THAT is a level of crowd organisation I've never seen anywhere.
How drastic did the differences in accents sound to you, or do all Americans pretty much sound the same? I can tell the difference fairly well (and apparently I can do quite a good Philly accent myself) - you can certainly tell when you're in the South or when you meet classic New Jersey types but I probably couldn't tell a Seattle accent from a Portland one or anything.
I'd guess I can distinguish maybe 6 types of US accent?
Most of the time the movies get the movies get the Philly accent (technically a dialect) all wrong. They get lazy and substitute in a working class New Yorker. Being from Philly, this is frustrating. I copied mine almost exclusively from the guy who made me a Philly Cheese Steak. I hope it's authentic (the people who told me it was accurate were in DC so they may have been wrong).
(acceptable answers: Jon's, Jim's, Tony Luke's, and since you're an out of towner, I'll throw in Pat's and Geno's.) It was on Market Street near the Franklin Fountain ice cream place - do any of those places meet that description or did I go to the wrong place?
Do you have a lower class accent? Did anyone go on about what a great accent you have? Brits are often shocked when we say what a great accent you have because you all sound like Prince Phillip to us. I'm sporting the classic home-counties accent which I think is the one Americans consider 'standard', it's not the hyper-posh tone of a Lord or Royal but is probably the one they hear most on TV.
Also I shamelessly British it up when I'm in the States without thinking, I'll start using words I never usually use like "fantastic" or "awful" or say I'm "dreadfully sorry". It basically becomes an elongated impression of Hugh Grant. I'm not proud of this but it has got me a lot of rental car upgrades, motel discounts and helped me during my handful of interactions with US police (who are armed and therefore terrifying to me).
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