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First controlled projection experience

2020.02.01 22:08 queenie__L First controlled projection experience

I did a guided meditation to check out the Akashic records. I was invited,ushered, in a lot more immediately than the guide was..well..guiding. I spent a small while verbally discussing questions I had pertaining to my record...
Q: “Will my souls presence be historical in this lifetime?” A: this answer I heard a variety of voices chiming in “undoubtedly” “immeasurable” “of course” “how could you doubt this?” “Yes” “undeniable”
Q: “Do I have a primary purpose in this lifetime?” A: “measure the unmeasurable.”
Between each question and at the end of every answer they would all encourage me to ask more. As I was receiving answers and information my physical body was experiencing immense amount of twitching and movement, while I tried to breathe and remain focused on what was happening “in front” of me.
Q: “Will I remain financially stable in this lifetime on earth” A: “unfortunately not, as finances are a man made concept and consistency in man made items has always been historically lacking. You will however remain inspired, conceptual and active through your souls journey in this lifetime.
Then the guided meditation chimes in and says something like “do you see a book glowing, somewhat pulling you towards it? If not bow and leave respectfully.”
I did indeed see a book on the bottom of the cool marble shelving. Glowing a gold aura. I pulled it out and it was binded in what I can describe in “human words” as poured/hardened gold intricate lace design. The covering was leather like and a deep burgundy with cracks of royal purple seeping through. Occasionally while holding it, it seemed to glisten in the royal purple cracks. This was definitely mine and definitely magical. I hugged it against my chest, as though a relief to find it again, and proceeded to open it by instruction from those guiding/answering questions earlier. The first page I flipped to was 1-3 pages in and on the left side it showed a variety of chapters in a table of contents that I was told only will reveal the chapters associated to benefiting at that specific visit, all though I did get a brief glance over the left and right page of chapters no specific one sticks out. I was then instructed to close the book and reopen to a different page. I reopened the book to a page near the back and saw a date in the upper right hand corner “8/29/46” and a place in the left hand corner “mental hospital”. I was then sucked into the page and was walking around well..a mental hospital, lol... I was looking around and first I was very confused and didn’t really know what I was there for or looking for... and then I started hearing a “monologue” of this girl reading a “diary entry” that I know could see was written on the page that had just sucked me in. I then “zooshed” to the girls room where the “monologue” I heard was coming from. I saw a young adult journaling at a desk in a dark room. She was writing very intently and had ever the passion- I could feel it. I could hear what she was writing as she was thinking everything she wrote, and I could visualize the writing because it was on the page of my book I flipped to in the akashic records. These are some key things that stuck out to me about her journal entry.
She was very frustrated for being involuntarily admitted because she expressed interest in topics, “bluntly put”, others had ignorance, lack of knowledge/insight in. Rather than receiving her interest and expanded knowledge in a topic with an open mind they instead put her somewhere where “they” could feel safe about her wellbeing, regardless of how it affected her normal(does not affect daily routine and life goal setting) mind state. She shows frustration in her writing from experiences trying to “prove” common sense, and disgust in a system that primarily is there to undermine creativity and suppress expansion of consciousness. She felt as though she was being punished for those, whom are supposed to be of top knowledge, highly educated etc’s ignorance.
“Important to measure the immeasurable” “Give power to those who can’t find their own. In turn it will be restored to me.” “Shed light on those and topics which go unnoticed” “Remind others of common sense typically forgotten due to distraction.” “Remain polite open considerate.” “Remain forward, BLUNT, patient, and assertive with those who portray ignorance.”
“Regards, Everliene”
Well...that ends my experience. I just wanted to share with others who may show interest or similar experiences. I’m going to go try and draw my “life book” now..... Wish me luck! I’d love to hear anything anyone has to say about their thoughts and opinions on my experience.
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2018.10.03 05:10 bambi_died Zoosh?

For those of you up to date with Shane Dawson's in the mind of Jake Paul series..
Decided to re watch parents worst nightmare: Jake Paul. Something immediately striked my attention.. Zoosh.
Jake mentioned it in his 'draw my life' video from 2017. Kind of a weird coincidence? Sounded like a failed experiment.
All of this seems to be connected to his dad and this weird fascination with children..
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